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Introduction to Irish Repertoire 

9 May 2018
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
Waterbury Congregational Church

Dates and time:  Six Wednesday evenings, April 4th through May 9th.

Location: Waterbury Congregational Church, 8 North Main St., Waterbury, VT

Instruments: All melody instruments

1. New!  6:30-7:15 Join the fun! Introduction to Irish Repertoire 

This is a class for people who are newer to Irish music, or for those who simply want to work on more easily learned tunes such as polkas, barn dances, etc. at a relaxed pace.  Students should be, at minimum, advanced beginners on their instruments.  We’ll be teaching one tune per week, and by the end of the class students should have three good sets of tunes which they can play in a session or practice with friends.

(Students who take the Intro class will be welcome to sit in on the next class from 7:15-8:45 and should feel free to record the tunes taught for future learning.)

7:15-8:45:  The usual craic & more –  Back to Clare and Galway for intermediate through advanced players

The theme:

This spring we are returning to the region in the west of Ireland which is notable for its iconic players, composers, and musicians.  This area is so influential that many of its tunes form the bedrock repertoire of many a session worldwide.

Because it is “friendly” to most traditional instruments – concertina, fiddle, banjo, accordion, pipes,and flute, the music of Clare and Galway has much to offer Irish music students.

What we’ll be doing:

This is a class is aimed at helping musicians develop a rich repertoire of excellent tunes. As in the past, we’ll work on confidence, group playing, and rhythm. But this time, we’d also like to explore the use of variations when playing Irish tunes.

Whether you play just for the joy of it, or if you hope to expand your repertoire and confidence for an occasional gig, we hope the class will help. We’ll cover some great tunes (including the easier tunes from the introductory class), have some stories to tell, and with luck we’ll bring in some surprise guests. 

Tuition: $150, including tuition and teaching recordings.  (Musicians 18 years and under are taught for free, and partial tuition breaks are also available). Pay in advance or at the first class.  Checks can be mailed to 70 Markham Rd., East Montpelier, VT. 05651

E-mail us to register.  Deadline April 1st.

Out of state students:  We’ve been asked by musicians who live outside Vermont about joining the class.  We can accept no more than five students on the condition that the recordings remain for your use only, and are not shared. Tuition is $100 for these students.  Please mail payment to address above.

Finally, don’t forget the March 23rd concert in East Montpelier with Aidan Connolly and friends .  More info on the website below. Seats are filling up fast.