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Kolonien at TreeWild House Concerts

6 October 2019
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
TreeWild House Concerts

Just a head’s up – if the weather is rainy for this afternoon’s outdoor concert, we’ll still have the concert, only indoors! Please come, and bring your friends. Tonight is quite full, so this afternoon is a great time to add people!

Last year, everyone who heard this packed concert lingered after the end, feeling like our world had shifted for the better by hearing this music. People are giddy excited that Kolonien is coming back, and we have their music on full blast to get ready.

They are playing Ripton Coffee House Saturday night, and we might ask them to do a second, afternoon concert here if the evening one get too full.

So, tell your friends, bring your loved ones. This is the concert you just can’t miss.

fabulous community potluck at 6
music at 7
$20 goes entirely to musicians

”The most uplifting protest music I’ve ever heard.” – Lira Music Magazine

Kolonien is a four piece family band.  They grew up in the traditional music scene, deeply embedded in the family. As kolonien they reinvent their roots, both instrumentally and vocally with their rich Swedish harmonies.

Their journey started in their teens, when they left their countryside home to travel around Sweden as protest singers in the Swedish Green movement.

When they got invited to perform at a Zanzibar festival in Tanzania in 2010, things really started taking shape. It was meant as a onetime gig, but the songs and the conversations of change fell in place unexpectedly well and they decided to start a band and write their own songs.

Since then these four Swedes have been pursuing their music fueled by the vision of a united world, taking them on multiple tours in Europe and beyond. With just shy of 400 concerts, numerous workshops and collaborations they have constantly been following their ethos of always seeking new ways and new connections.

Kolonien have two albums released. Twice prized and awarded at the Swedish Folk and World Music Awards.

Twice nominated also with one of their offspring projects Världens Band – where they’ve gathered thirteen musicians from six countries.

For that they have been given five star reviews and quotes such as ”Sweden’s most exciting folk band” – Songlines Magazine

Kolonien is now found on the frontier of the new Scandinavian folk scene, established as one of its more prominent acts.