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Margaret MacArthur Tribute Concert at Young Tradition Weekend

6 May 2018
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Contois Auditorium at City Hall

Born in Chicago in 1928, Margaret MacArthur was weaned on nursery rhymes by her mother, and could sing before she could talk. Music nourished her, drove her, buoyed her, and anchored her. She was particularly drawn to the traditional ballad, but she sampled many traditions and styles. Once she settled and put roots down in Vermont, Margaret poured over original sources and sought out a number of traditional singers. Over the years Margaret has done far more than preserve songs-she has rescued them, recorded them, and sung them, captivating others with this music, stimulating them to both sing and play the songs. Not least of whom are her own children who frequently accompanied her with fiddle, guitar and voice. Whenever the MacArthurs would celebrate or have fun, they’d sing and play music together. Many of her children and grandchildren still live on the farm and as Margaret explained, “the glue of the family has been work on the place, and singing has been the fun.” Margaret’s dedication and devotion to the lyrical ballad led to her role as a seminal figure in Vermont’s traditional music scene, participating as collector, as teacher, and as performer.

Bio information and more about Margaret MacArthur at the Vermont Folklife Center.

Margaret’s friends, family and fans will sing, play and talk about her life, her contributions, her legacy.  Participants will include Gordon Bok, Deb Flanders, Norman Kennedy, Dan MacArthur, Gary MacArthur, Megan MacArthur Littlehales, Robin MacArthur, John Roberts, the Zeichners and others TBA.

This concert is part of Young Tradition Weekend, showcasing young musicians, singers and dancers, and the mentoring relationships that continue to allow traditional music and dance to grow and thrive. The weekend is a celebration of the dedication and skills of young musicians and dancers, and the connections they have with teachers and mentors.

Events during the weekend feature young performers and intergenerational sharing.  The weekend includes an annual contest that encourages acoustic playing and repertoire from a variety of traditions. Contestants compete for cash prizes, and the audience helps choose the winners. Winners of past contests include many performers who have since made become well known, including Katie Trautz and Julia Wayne (Mayfly), Tristan Henderson and Hazen Metro, Eric George, Windborne Trio, Les Freres Belanger, the Irregulars, Les Poules a Colin, Avi Salloway, Celia Woodsmith, and others.

Admission to all public events is by donation.  Suggested donations for the Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon concerts.  Reservations at mark.sustic@gmail.com.  For more information about the Young Tradition Weekend, contact 2018 manager Yasi Zeichner or YTV Director Mark Sustic at mark.sustic@gmail.com.