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Mizuka Ohnishi performance

17 July 2018
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

presented by Young Tradition Vermont at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery, FREE and open to the public but limited seating, e-mail mark.sustic@gmail.com to RSVP or for more information

Mizuka Ohnishi

Mizuka Ohnishi is a Japanese Shamisen and Koto player.  She has performed internationally in China, Australia and France, where she has performed annually since 2013.  In additional to traditional Japanese music, she has collaborated with others on a variety of non-Japanese musical styles.  She teaches at her studios in Yonago-City, Tottori Prefecture and in Tokyo, and at Tottori College, Shimane National University, and the Tottori Cultural Foundation. She is involved in a variety of related activities and projects, including composition, traditional music research and study, directing supervising classical performances, and recordings.

Mazurka Ohnishi Koto students in Tottori Prefecture

Mizuka is visiting Vermont as part of a delegation of officials including Governor Hirai of Tottori Prefecture for a meeting the following day with Governor Phil Scott to sign a Sister State Agreement.  She spent time teaching and visiting with Young Tradition Touring Group members when they visited Japan in November 2017, the first of what is expected to be an ongoing relationship and exchange between young musicians in Vermont and Tottori Prefecture in Japan.