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New Voices: From Burma to the Balafon

23 February 2019
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Sabouyouma CD Release Show

New Voices is a music series promoting underheard voices from Vermont’s expanding communities, curated by Saint Michael’s College professor William Ellis.

Karen Singers of Vermont, featuring singers from Burma, plus Sabouyouma, a local ensemble led by balafon player Osmane Camara, from Guinea.

Bill Ellis writes, “Welcome to New Voices, the Flynn Center’s showcase of world musical traditions nestled in and around the Queen City. The series—which debuted in the Flynn’s 2016-2017 season—exists to celebrate the diasporic music making of regional acts and communities, many with an immigrant or refugee background. Their vibrant musical expressions have taken root in our welcoming city to the extent that transplanted customs now coexist, adapt, and find new expressive meaning. Listen and you’ll hear more than compelling melodies and rhythms. You’ll hear the harmony borne of personal journeys, histories, hope, and yearning, a song of infinite variation that has led each artist to the Green Mountain State.”