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Old Sky plus Lizzy Plotkin and Natalie Spears

9 August 2019
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Skinny Pancake

Old Sky is an Americana outfit located in Burlington, Vermont featuring Andrew Stearns and Shay Gestal. The two met at a local Old Time music session in 2012 and began to develop a sound influenced by their time in the bluegrass band Gold Town and working through Stearns’ repertoire of country and folk tunes. The two create music with a strong emphasis on harmonies and respect for traditional music.

Lizzy Plotkin and Natalie Spears revel in the raw rhythms and endless groove of Appalachian fiddle/banjo duets, funky blues bass lines, and soulful harmony singing. Their original compositions mix with reverent interpretations of old-time standards.