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Rayna Gellert and Kieran Kane

18 July 2019
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Willey Building at Cabot Town Hall

Rayna Gellert and Kieran Kane will be appearing in Cabot (one town north of Marshfield) at the historic Willey Building thanks to Dana Robinson and Cabot Arts, Inc. Tickets are available at cabotarts.org, and you can lodge at the Marshfield Inn & Motel (marshfieldinn.com).


Kieran Kane and Rayna Gellert are currently one of the hottest acts on the country and bluegrass circuit. Kieran has been referred to as “the godfather of Americana music,” and Rayna prodigious fiddle playing has led a new revival of American string band music. Fans of either artist will recognize the musical kindred-spiritedness in their restrained and roots-oriented approach to both songs and arrangements.