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Reading and Discussion of ‘Song of Quebec’ by Dan Close

31 January 2019
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
South Burlington Public Library at the Unversity Mall

A reading and facilitated discussion of the new novel ‘Song of Quebec’ at the South Burlington Public Library in University Mall.

A historic thriller, ‘Song of Quebec’ is set in Quebec City in the summer of 1971, during the turmoil of the Quebec Separatist movement. It is the story of Jack Kearney, an American who arrives in the city trailing just a bit of mystery about him; and Genevieve St. Andre, a young street singer who has some secrets of her own.

The action takes place less than a year after the kidnapping of James Cross, the British Trade Minister to Canada, and the murder of Paul Laporte, Quebec’s Minister of Labor, by the Front de Liberation du Quebec (the FLQ). 500 members of the FLQ have been rounded up by the Sureté and the Mounties by the order of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. But the Quiet Revolution continues, and by the summer of 1971, it is about to reach its height.

The presentation explores the Separatist movement and the music which fed its passion. It lasts about forty-five to fifty minutes. It includes a reading from the novel and some revolutionary chansons (fortunately not sung by the author), followed by a question and commentary period.


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