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‘Irish & College’: College Age Musicians who play Irish Trad Music

Presented by Young Tradition Vermont for the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival.

Young (late teens, early 20s) college-age musicians who play traditional Irish music – musicians from away living and studying in Vermont, and musicians living and working in the Burlington area who play traditional Irish music.  Fiddlers, accordion players, pipers, harpists, flute players, guitarists, and more.

Everyone does one thing, in the ‘hot seat’, meaning they play a tune or set of tunes, on their own, and/or with others of their choosing (5 mins or so)…. everyone else does the same thing…. after a round, giving everyone a chance to ‘perform’, it turns into a session, everyone playing as they wish/choose with everyone else. Anyone who attends can be part of that part, college age or not.

Note there is no ‘stage’…. just a bunch of chairs facing one end of the gallery. After the round of everyone doing something on their own, chairs will be oriented in more of a round/session format.

Yasi Zeichner and Ani Kulik (most YTV board members) ‘host’.  Scheduled performers include Maggie Hickey, Dana Holmlund, Chris Krag, Alyssa Miller, Mary Grace O’Neil, Nolan Rogers, Oliver Scanlon, Mariel Wamsley, Everest Witman, Louli Zeichner, and Oliver Zeichner.

Donations accepted at the door the night of the event.  More info from mark.sustic@gmail.com.


Dana Holmlund

Maggie Hickey

Ani Kulik

Alyssa Miller

Mary Grace O’Neil

Nolan Rogers

Oliver Scanlon

Mariel Wamsley

Everest Witman



Louli Zeichner

Oliver Zeichner



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