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Up Home: Hand-Colored Photographs by Susanne and Neil Rappaport 

1 February 2018
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Vermont Folklife Center

Vermont Folklife Center

You’re invited: Hand-Colored Photography + Food + Music

Please join us next Thursday, February 1st, 5-7PM
to celebrate the opening of our new exhibition
Up Home: Hand-Colored Photographs by Susanne and Neil Rappaport 
Location: Vermont Folklife Center, Middlbury, Vermont

Up Home 

Hand-Colored Photographs by Susanne and Neil Rappaport

After Minnie Griswold passed away in 1952, her sons locked up their mother’s house in Pawlet, Vermont and left all her belongings in place, unaltered. Thirty years later, Pawlet documentarians Susanne and Neil Rappaport would enter the home at the invitation of Charlie, one of Minnie’s son, and go on to produce a collection of hand-colored photographs of her home.

“Up Home” features over 40 hand-colored photographs – along with analysis of the Rappaport’s documentary and artistic process.

Exhibit Reception + Music – Food, Drinks, Remarks, and Music Played on Acoustic Phonograph Thursday, February 1st from 5-7PM

Exhibit on display through March 31st, 2018.

Scroll down for an Exhibit Preview

I look at this snapshot of Minnie, which was taken in 1923 when she was 49, just seven years older than I am now – and I know her. She speaks to me from her eyes and slight smile, a shyness around her mouth and sharp wit – I yearn to hear her voice. How do I know her? How do you get to know someone who died 30 years ago?

— Susanne Rappaport, 1986

Charlie Griswold, Minnie’s eighty­-five year old son, and his recent bride, Bea, chose to have their portrait made at Charlie’s boyhood home. After the picture, Charlie took us into the summer-warmed old house, where the dim light gradually gave way to an image of a past preserved: everything was in its place, untouched for years.

— Neil Rappaport, 1986

Charlie cranked the victrola and we all sat on the overstuffed couch and rockers listening to John MacCormack sing “Over There,” smelling the sweet and sour aromas of age in the house. Animated beyond his usual shy reserve, Charlie led us through his Mother’s rooms, allowing us a glimpse of how she lived.

— Neil Rappaport, 1986

My part in the photographs was to discover the fragments of spirit in the house and to assemble them as an expressive entity. All were given up to Susanne’s process of breathing the life of
color into them…

— Neil Rappaport, 1986

 I sought the stillness and quiet concentration of my long working days, the spring turning into summer, the light changing in the house, thinking all the time about how to more accurately bring Minnie’s colors to the photographs and how to improve my ability to see everything, every detail, in the pictures.

— Susanne Rappaport, 1986

Who was Minnie Griswold and what was her life like? What about her might have led her sons to preserve her last home as a shrine?

— Neil Rappaport, 1986

I hope these photographs extend her spirit and [Charlie’s] meaning and devotion, as I have given myself expression.

— Susanne Rappaport, 1986

Join us Thursday, February 1st from 5-7PM to celebrate the opening of Up Home.
Vermont Folklife Center
88 Main Street, Middlebury, Vermont

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