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V is the Valley: A Conversation with the Folk Songs of Vermont with Jack DesBois

19 September 2019
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
North End Studio A

Singer and story-teller Jack DesBois was one of the first recipients of the Flanders Award for Traditional Vermont Music in 2018 sponsored by the Vermont Folklife Center.


Suggested donation $15/10 students & seniors

What is a folk song? And why should we sing them today? Middlebury-based singer-storyteller Jack DesBois leads a conversation around these two questions and the Vermont folk songs of the Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Collection. In an effort to preserve a fast-fading piece of New England heritage, song-catcher Helen Flanders traveled the back roads from 1930 to 1958 recording the repertoires of traditional musicians. Spunky, sorrowful, saucy and sweet, Vermont’s anonymous folk songs carry the time-refined wisdom and personality of generations. Today, with Helen Flanders’ help, Jack’s richly-textured bass voice breathes fresh life into the songs for a new generation to own. Join him in sharing the stories and songs of Vermont, and help form the future of the folk process in a lively conversation! Sponsored by the Vermont Community Foundation and the Vermont Folklife Center.