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Vermont School of Irish Traditional Music Spring 2019 Classes

17 April 2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Waterbury Congregational Church

Here’s the scoop on the upcoming series of classes!

Theme for this Spring
The Flowing Stream: Tunes and tales of some great “influencers” of Irish music.

Traditional music is not fixed; it is a living thing handed down from generation to generation and each player in turn puts his or her subtle stamp on the music.

This spring we’ll be learning tunes associated with players now passed on, whose generosity and musical influence have had a significant impact on the flowing stream of Irish traditional music: piper Liam O’Flynn, accordionist Sean McGlynn, concertina player Elizabeth Crotty, flute player Jack Coen, and fiddler Tommy Peoples. And as we help expand your repertoire, we’ll also be learning more about what made these musicians so influential on Irish music today.

We believe that a better understanding of the flowing stream into which you have waded will both help your playing and deepen your appreciation of the music you hear.

Registration Deadline April 9th. Classes Begin April 17th

Group 1 (relaxed pace) 6:00 – 7:15 pm
This group is tailored to musicians of all ages and instruments who are new to Irish music, as well as to more experienced musicians who want to learn Irish tunes at a relaxed pace.
Focusing on one catchy tune per week, by the end of the class, students will have some solid sets of tunes they can easily play with others (rather than alone in their kitchens)!
Group 1 students are welcome to remain and listen in on Group 2 if they wish.

Group 2 (challenge yourself) 7:30 – 9:00 pm
This class is for musicians (intermediate through advanced) who want to be challenged – both in repertoire and in playing. We’ll be learning one set of tunes per week (generally two tunes per set), and practicing techniques to increase confidence and steadiness when starting a tune in a session, performing, or simply playing with friends.

We are delighted to announce the Charles W. Clarke Memorial Scholarship, thanks to our friends at Ossian USA. Please enquire if you would like to apply.