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Village Harmony at Trad Camp

22 July 2019
12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
Lake Champlain Waldorf High School

Monday’s lunch FREE concert – open to anyone who wants to attend, campers and others – features long-time collaborators Village Harmony, THE gold standard for linking young people and trad music!  Lunch break starts at 11:45am, the concert starts at 12:15pm.  See you there!

Twenty-five brilliant teen singers from four states plus France are led by Heidi Wilson, Gideon Crevoshay, and Avery Book. The concert includes an eclectic mix of traditional and new songs from the Republic of Georgia, Sweden, Corsica, Sardinia, Appalachia, songs of struggle and resilience, and Heidi Wilson’s original
compositions. The ensemble will also be singing several songs from South America learned from special guest teacher Sophya Ramirez, who hails from Colombia and lives in Ecuador. Each Village Harmony ensemble develops its own unique sound with a different team of leaders. All share common traits: a powerful, natural, unrestrained, vocal sound; a remarkable variety of vocal styles and timbres appropriate to the ethnic and traditional music; and a visible, vibrant community among the singers and audience as they share in a joyful celebration of music.

Heidi Wilson is a singer-songwriter and songleader. She will share original compositions and folk songs inspired by and in service to community and the natural world; songs that celebrate the seasons, offer thanks and praise, lull babies to sleep, muster courage, and make room for healing. Gideon Crevoshay, born in the hills of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, grew up singing and traveling with Village Harmony around the globe. He will teach from his repertoire of traditional and ancient forms of singing from the U.S., Caucasus, and Mediterranean, exploring the wisdom contained within these traditions and how they can inform present ideas of music making and community. Vermont-based songleader and community organizer Avery Book will teach traditional songs from the island of Sardinia and from Caucasus Georgia, and songs from U.S. social movements. This will be the second time Wilson, Crevoshay, and Book are leading a “living songs” Village Harmony session. They will be placing emphasis this tour on songs that are “socially alive” and performed for a particular purpose: work songs, songs of social struggle, traditional lullabies and healing songs, and celebratory songs from across the centuries and the globe. The group will not only explore the cultural, social, and political context of their music and their relationship to it, but then put their songs into action, singing with (and not just to) their host communities throughout the tour