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Young Tradition Touring Group performance at the Elley Long Music Center in Colchester

6 April 2019
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Elley-Long Music Center

The Young Tradition Touring Group will perform on 4/6/19 at the Elley Long Music Center in Colchester.

This will be the 4th public performance of material the group has been working on since September 2018, and the  final Vermont performance before a trip to metro New York and New Jersey later the same month.  Featured will be special guest Tony Demarco (more info about Tony here http://tonydemarcomusic.net/td.bio.html), artist leaders, the full 2018/2019 Touring Group plus alumni from previous years.  The final performance in Vermont will be at the Young Tradition Festival in Burlington 5/4/19, after returning from the tour.

The Young Tradition Touring Group consists of 28 auditioned (11 to 19 years old) players, singers and dancers who focus on learning and performing traditional music and dance repertoire over the course of 9 months, starting in September and ending in early May.  Group members will learn from and participate in exchanges with master artists, other young musicians and dancers, and organizations during the performance tour.

The group is supported by artist leaders Pete Sutherland, Jeremiah McLane, Oliver Scanlon, Addison White & manager Mark Sustic.  Though most Touring Group members are from Vermont, the group also includes members from Massachusetts and the Adirondacks this year.

For information about the Touring Group and Young Tradition Vermont visit www.youngtraditionvermont.org, see Young Tradition Vermont on Facebook, or contact Mark Sustic (mark.sustic@gmail.com).

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