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14 September 2021 / Read more

2021 Junior US National Scottish Fiddle Champion

2021 Junior US National Scottish Fiddle Champion

11 September 2021 / Read more

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas 10/2/21 7pm

Alasdair Fraser, long regarded as Scotland’s premier fiddle ambassador, and the sizzlingly-talented Californian cellist Natalie Haas.

7 September 2021 / Read more

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas 10/2/21

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas concert 10/2/21 at Elley Long Music Center in Colchester.

6 September 2021 / Read more

Instrument Loan Program and Instrument Petting Zoo

Every instrument has a story, and YTV tries to make sure those stories are told (receive it-carry it-pass it on).
When someone makes a donation to YTV’s instrument collection, we ask them to write up a description about where and who the instrument came from.

3 September 2021 / Read more

Sundog Poetry 9/12/21

Past YTV Presidents/board members Bill Drislane (organizer) and Yasi Zeichner (musician), current Secretary and board member Duncan Yandell (musician) and more friends and neighbors!

1 August 2021 / Read more

Lisa Ornstein visit 7/30/21

Lisa Ornstein led a fiddle workshop at the Burlington Violin Shop and performed with Pete Sutherland for Summit School’s Trad Camp at Orchard Valley Waldorf School in East Montpelier on Friday 7/30/21.

30 July 2021 / Read more

Lisa Ornstein has arrived!

Lisa Ornstein is in town this weekend

25 July 2021 / Read more

Fiddleheads with Joanne Garton

Fiddleheads rehearsal and performance with Joanne Garton

22 October 2017 / Read more

Fiddleheads with Lisa Ornstein

Next Fiddleheads session will be an extra bonus session with Lisa Ornstein, who will be finishing up a week of work at the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury.  Starts at 10am and ends at 12 noon on 11/11/17 at the Burlington Violin Shop at 23 Church Street in Burlington. Please RSVP at  More info about […]

4 March 2017 / Read more

Dominique Dodge Fiddleheads Residency

Starting today March 3rd, and continuing through next Saturday March 11th, Dominque Dodge will be teaching a set of tunes to be played at the Carolan Festival near Monpelier on June 17th.  If you’re interested in more information, contact  

5 February 2017 / Read more

Pascal Gemme and Fiddleheads

Pascal Gemme finished up a 5-session residency with Fiddleheads on Saturday at the Burlington  Violin Shop, teaching his version of Claude Methe’s ‘Angel on Ice Skates’ (written for Beatrix Methe), the Laughing Tune, Wilfred’s Grumbling tune, and re-visiting the Dynamometric Reel.  Pascal will be back next fall for another series of Fiddleheads sessions.  We are also planning […]

28 March 2016 / Read more

Fiddleheads Plus

1st Fiddleheads Plus session has been scheduled with Dominique Dodge 4/30/16 11am to 12.  This group is for advanced players who are juniors or seniors in high school, enrolled in college (or college age), or are members of the Young Tradition Touring Group. No cost but an RSVP is requested….. we will cancel if not […]

11 January 2016 / Read more

Wonder Week Fiddle Club Launched

Wonder Week Fiddle Club got started on January 11th at Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington.  Everyone stuck with it and stayed focused.  Everyone worked together.  We learned more than a half of one tune and continue the process on Tuesday.  There is a wide spread of skills but it worked out great. The 5th graders were […]

26 June 2015 / Read more

Fiddle Loan Program

Annabelle enjoying her new fiddle from the YTV instrument loan program.  More info here .

2 May 2015 / Read more

May 2nd with Claude Methe

Great session with Claude Methe.  2 new tunes: ‘Snow Geese Cove’ and ‘Reel de Robin’.  MP3s to come for those who attended….  if you weren’t there and don’t get one in the next couple of days, feel free to ask.   About a dozen fiddlers, half early beginners at 9:30am and everyone else joining in […]

12 April 2015 / Read more

Dominique Dodge and Fiddleheads

Thanks again to Dominique Dodge for leading the second consecutive Fiddleheads rehearsal.   We worked on the tunes we learned last time with Dominique and added layers of nuance including harmony, ornamentation and orchestration.  If all you did was watch Dominique and the joy she brings to her teaching and the music, it would be […]

19 February 2015 / Read more

Fiddleheads Rehearsals

Won’t have the chance to do a Fiddleheads rehearsal this week at Burlington Violin Shop….. good intentions, but ran out of time to make it happen.  Slight chance it might be possible next Saturday (February 28th)…… more information to come if that is possible.  Next scheduled rehearsal is March 21st with Dominique Dodge as guest […]

9 December 2014 / Read more

1 More Time with Pascal

The 4th and final rehearsal session with Pascal Gemme coming up on Saturday at the Burlington Violin Shop….. 9:30am for beginners, 10am for Fiddleheads, 11am for adults.  $10 donation for adult session.  Then at 12 noon (or closely thereafter), Fiddleheads will play with Pascal at the Burlington Town Center (the indoor mall) as part of […]