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26 August 2021 / Read more

YTV Annual Meeting 9/26/21

If you have essential things you think should be included on the agenda, contact us here. We are limited to 6 masked and fully vaccinated folks for the in person option at Rock Point School, so we need to know if you’d like to plan on that.  Can send you the Zoom link if you’d […]

22 May 2016 / Read more

Board of Directors

We had our sort-of-quarterly YTV Board of Directors meeting on Sunday May 22nd at Lake Champlain Waldorf High School, our Trad Camp home the past few years. We approved a 2016/2017 budget at the meeting, with the understanding that adjustments can always be considered by the board. We agreed to change the 4th quadrant of our mission […]

25 January 2015 / Read more

January Board Meeting

We’ve concluded our January YTV board meeting at North End Studios, in 2 parts to accommodate everyone…. one on Thursday the 22nd, the other on Sunday the 25th.