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23 November 2021 / Read more

Touring Group update

YTV Touring Group update November 2021

25 July 2021 / Read more

Fiddleheads with Joanne Garton

Fiddleheads rehearsal and performance with Joanne Garton

29 June 2021 / Read more

Farewell 2020/2021 Touring Group

The Touring Group finished for the season with 15 members gathering on Sunday 6/27/21 and Monday 6/28/21.

8 December 2017 / Read more

Pascal Gemme and Fiddleheads on 12/23/17

The last of 4 sessions with Pascal is scheduled for 12/23/17 at the Burlington Violin Shop.  Sessions as described below.  We’ll take a break at 12 noon, and do a concert featuring the tunes that Pascal has taught during this year’s fall residency starting at 1pm, also at the violin shop.  Helpful if you can […]

26 February 2017 / Read more

Touring Group Update 2/26/17

Thanks all who made the rehearsal February 25th at Elley Long Music Center. Videos to come for group members within the next few days. This was our 4th scheduled rehearsal (of 6 total), and is the only one without some sort of additional obligation/option, a concert or something on the same day. Getting excited about […]

5 February 2017 / Read more

Pascal Gemme and Fiddleheads

Pascal Gemme finished up a 5-session residency with Fiddleheads on Saturday at the Burlington  Violin Shop, teaching his version of Claude Methe’s ‘Angel on Ice Skates’ (written for Beatrix Methe), the Laughing Tune, Wilfred’s Grumbling tune, and re-visiting the Dynamometric Reel.  Pascal will be back next fall for another series of Fiddleheads sessions.  We are also planning […]

3 May 2016 / Read more

Dominique Dodge Residency with Fiddleheads

Dominique did the 4th and final session of her residency with Fiddleheads and her harp students on Saturday at the Burlington Violin Shop, and hosted the first meeting of Fiddleheads Plus. Next rehearsal is scheduled for 5/28, same time and place, guest TBA.

28 April 2016 / Read more

Fiddle Tunes Club

Final Fiddle Tunes Club for this spring meets next Thursday at 3pm in the Art Room at Integrated Arts Academy at H.O. Wheeler School, followed by the Dumpling Dinner at 5:30pm and the Contra Dance at 6:30pm. Bill Myregaard will teach and lead the dances.  Brian Perkins, Tyler Bolles, Joe Cleary and Mark Sustic will be […]

19 February 2016 / Read more

Fiddleheads Rehearsal on 3/5/16

Pascal Gemme has to postpone his session with Fiddleheads on March 5th for a later date.  We’ll still do a rehearsal that day, but the session leader won’t be Pascal.  Replacement TBA. Fiddleheads Rehearsal Session

16 January 2016 / Read more

Carolan Tunes and Fiddleheads

A dozen fiddlers learning O’Carolan tunes from Dominique Dodge on Saturday January 16th at Fiddleheads rehearsal at the Burlington Violin Shop, the 1st of at least 3 sessions before performing at the Carolan Festival on 6/18/16.

20 November 2015 / Read more

11/22/15 Touring Group Rehearsal

Pascal Gemme will be teaching some tunes in the first hour, after announcements from Pete and Mark. Apprentices are invited to stay after 12 noon, if interested. While the anchors and associates work with Pete and Oliver, Mark will teach a set of Irish tunes that can be used at sessions and perhaps some other situations.

22 September 2015 / Read more

Fiddleheads Rehearsal 9/26/15

There’s a Fiddleheads rehearsal coming up this Saturday. Assuming the weather cooperates we will be at Chapin Orchards in Essex Junction instead of the Burlington Violin Shop. The violin shop will have a petting zoo set up with stringed instruments and Fiddleheads will be co-located. Plan to come early or stay late for some apple […]

26 June 2015 / Read more

7/11/15 Fiddleheads Rehearsal

The next Fiddleheads rehearsal is scheduled for 7/11/15, usual time (9:30am+ young beginners, 10am+ everyone else) and place (Burlington Violin Shop). Send a message to if you can plan on being there. Looking ahead, here’s what the schedule looks like at the moment….. 7/11 rehearsal 8/8 rehearsal 8/8 family dance at the School House in […]

19 February 2015 / Read more

Fiddleheads Rehearsals

Won’t have the chance to do a Fiddleheads rehearsal this week at Burlington Violin Shop….. good intentions, but ran out of time to make it happen.  Slight chance it might be possible next Saturday (February 28th)…… more information to come if that is possible.  Next scheduled rehearsal is March 21st with Dominique Dodge as guest […]