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Receive it, carry it, pass it on!

Young Tradition Vermont (YTV) is an organization that uses traditional music and dance to ensure young people have opportunities to be inspired and inspiring, to learn and teach, to perform for others, and to serve communities where they live and visit.  With more than two dozen programs, free or at the lowest possible cost to participants, we invite you to become part of the dynamic, committed, diverse and inclusive world YTV is part of.

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The Programs

Young Tradition Vermont programs are inclusive, at low – or no – cost.

Touring Group

Teen and near-teen players, singers and dancers focusing on learning and performing traditional music and dance over a 9-month season, including an April performance tour.  Group members learn from and are supported by a manager, artist leaders, and master musicians.


Fiddleheads is about being inspired by traditional music and playing that music with others.

Young Tradition Festival

A week-long celebration of relationships involving students, teachers, apprentices, master artists and families in local, regional and international traditional music and dance communities.

Instrument Loan Program

Young Tradition Vermont has a variety of acoustic instruments available for loan, at no cost, for young folks (25 and under). 

Tom Sustic Fund

Supporting families who’s children are being treated for life threatening conditions and/or are in hospice care.

Trad Camp

Information about Trad Camp in general. By the new year, there will be updates about camp plans for July 2022.

Instrument Petting Zoo

The Instrument Petting Zoo (IPZ) is a collection of instruments that are installed at schools, farmer’s markets, festivals, parks, recreation programs, music camps, and special events with the express purpose of letting young people play them.

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Latest updates

What’s up right now.

25 July 2021 / Read more

Fiddleheads with Joanne Garton

Fiddleheads rehearsal and performance with Joanne Garton

15 July 2021 / Read more

Touring Group Announces Application and Auditions for 2021/2022

The Young Tradition Touring Group has opened applications and auditions on 7/15/21 for 2021/2022.  Deadline for completing applications and auditions is 8/15/21.  Invitations to be a group member will be sent later than 9/1/21.  Kristin Bolton has assumed Touring Manager responsibilities for the 1st time from Mark Sustic, and Pete Sutherland has returned as Artist […]

29 June 2021 / Read more

Farewell 2020/2021 Touring Group

The Touring Group finished for the season with 15 members gathering on Sunday 6/27/21 and Monday 6/28/21.

27 June 2021 / Read more

Happy birthday, Oliver!

Oliver Scanlon….. YTV board member, Touring Group veteran and artist leader, Trad Camp staff, Fiddleheads veteran (stop….. it would be easier to list what Oliver HASN’T done with/for YTV!)…… neighbor, friend, mentor, student, teacher, giver, brother, son, generous, wise, sharer, musician, dancer, sound man, techie, detailed, composer, creator, patient (to a point), reliable, collaborator, citizen…… […]

26 June 2021 / Read more

Happy Birthday Yasi!

most recent YTV president, Trad Camp manager, Festival manager…… fiddler, dancer, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, student, adventurer, organizer, leader, facilitator, bird whisperer, wise, insightful, calm….. this could take all day!

25 June 2021 / Read more

Youth Commission On the Move

During this last full week of June, the Young Tradition Youth Commission has been/will continue to be busier than ever

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We can't do it without you.

A big shout out to those who make what we do possible.

Judy Allan

Jeremy Beaudry

Jeff and Julie Benay

Daniel Bergeson

Birchen Music

Nancy Bove

Alan Bradbury

Lisa Brande

Matt Buckley

Burlington Irish Heritage Festival

Doug Campbell

Terry and Hans Carstensen

Rick Ceballos

Chandler Center for the Arts

Michele Choiniere

Mike Conlogue

Nowa Crosby/Randolin Instruments

Kerry Cullinan

Ruth Dennis

Danielle Devlin

Cheryl Dressler

Alec Ellsworth

Emily Ewald

Mark Fowler

Patricia Freed-Thall

Beth and Brad Freisen

Gardnertown Farm

Garrett School of Irish Dance

Carmen George

Susan and Jeffrey Goodell

Amy Henry

Jan Hilborn

Christopher Hollis

Fred and Joyce Holmes

Nelia Horikawa

Sarah Hotchkiss

Melissa Hutson

Monika Ivancic

Drew Kervick

Jane and Matt Kimble

Renee King La Casse

Kathryn Kuba-Dandurand

Claude Lehman

Ann Lipsitt

William Marcinkowski

Anne McNeill

Samuel Meir

Middlebury Town Hall Theater

Alyssa Miller

Frank Miller

Tammy Morissette

Phil Mozeika

James Munkres

Nelson Family Foundation

Jessica Noyes

Amy O’Donnell

Brenda O’Grady

O Bread

Otto & Associates

David and Mary Otto

One Arts

Ann Pearce

Peoples Trust Company

Keren Peterson

Mary Lynn Riggs

Bob Rosenfeld

Oliver Scanlon

Gary Sckolnick

Emily Schoenberg

Elizabeth Schwartz

Laura Selikson

Laurel Shelmandine

Linda Simoneaux

Mary Stevenson

Andy and Linda Suntup

Mark Sustic and Deborah Travis

Pete Sutherland

Andrew Swayze

Thistle Stone Works

Cynthia Thomas

Laura Travis

Turrell Fund

UVM Lane Series

Vermont Folklife Center

Gigi Weissman

Janet White

Dana Whittle

Marc Wolman

Grace Ziesing

Robert Ziesing

Selma Zjakic