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Concert with Mizuka Ohnishi at Tarrant Gallery 7/17

  Presented by Young Tradition Vermont and the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.  Free and open to the public. Mizuka Ohnishi, an internationally-known Japanese Shamisen and Koto player, composer, and recording artist, will be performing a free afternoon concert in the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts on […]

Fiddles, Flutes and Harps at the Carolan Festival 6/16/18

16 fiddles, flutes and harps at the Carolan Festival in Worcester on Saturday afternoon. Thanks Mark Zelis for the documentation, Elizabeth Schwartz for the invitation, Dominique Dodge for the facilitation, the players for the participation, parents for the transportation, the festival crew for the situation! Next Fiddleheads rehearsals are 7/14/18 and  8/4/18 with Eileen O’Grady […]

Fiddleheads with Eileen O’Grady in July and August

Fiddleheads will play a few tunes at a fundraising event on 8/12/18 at the Old Round Church in Shelburne, which also includes several other young musicians, prior to an evening concert by Pete’s Posse in the same location.  To prepare for that,  Eileen O’Grady will be leading Fiddleheads sessions at the Burlington Violin Shop on […]

Reunion & Final Performance for 2017/2018 Young Tradition Touring Group 8/19/18

Joining artist leaders Andrea Beaton, Pete Sutherland, & Oliver Scanlon, who are performing the whole weekend (Pete & Oliver with Tristan Henderson as Pete’s Posse). Group members will arrive not later than 11am to rehearse for a 2pm performance. More info about the festival here http://violontraditionnelsutton.com/en/ More info about the Touring Group and this event from […]