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11 February 2017

Mardi Gras Benefit for Tom Sustic Fund

This will be the first benefit event sponsored by Young Tradition Vermont specifically for the Tom Sustic Fund.  Some really great Cajun and Zydeco music (Planet Zydeco, Yankee Chank, Alec Ellsworth & Katie Trautz), and a great cause that directly addresses the service component of our mission.  Also, it acknowledges that the organization was established from scarcity and loss focused on a single child (Tom) and has been transformed to one of abundance and service for thousands of children, youth, and young adults, their families, and their communities.  Guests speakers will include Dr. Alan Homans (Pediatric Oncologist at UVM Medical Center) and Dr. Fred Holmes (Pediatrician from Franklin County) YTV activities regularly contributes a portion of the proceeds to the Tom Sustic Fund to support children and families in life-altering circumstances and hospice, but this event is the first to focus exclusively on raising funds for that effort.

We’ll be at Hotel Vermont from 7pm to 10pm on February 28, Fat Tuesday!  Please come if you can, and make a night of it with as many friends, family, neighbors as possible!

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