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27 February 2021

Touring Group concerts 3/6/21 and 4/3/21

The Young Tradition Touring Group currently has 2 online concerts scheduled: Saturday March 6, 2021 starting at 7pm presented by the Chandler Center for The Arts in Randolph, and Saturday April 3, 2021 starting at 7pm presented by the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury.

20 teen members from this year’s Touring Group will be the feature. An opening set will include the 2020/2021 Youth Commission ensemble led by Maeve Fairfax and 4 other Touring Group members. Touring Group artist leaders for 2020/2021 will do a set: Oliver Scanlon, Fern Tamagini-O’Donnell and Hilary Menegaz Weitzner.

The Touring Group includes teens and near-teens who focus on learning and performing trad music and dance over a 9-month (early September through early May) season, including a late April performance tour.

Group members learn from and are supported by a manager, 3 artist leaders and several other adults.  The late April tour includes exchanges and master classes with other artists, young musicians and dancers. Touring Groups have previously traveled to Scotland, Cape Breton, England, Ireland, Japan, and New York/New Jersey.

Because of COVID-19 travel restrictions the group will be traveling virtually in late April of this year, visiting with artists and other youth organizations in Ireland, Cape Breton, Quebec, England, New Brunswick and more.  Since September 2020 the group has done monthly virtual rehearsals, recruited participants for 2 fundraising projects (violin raffle and sponsor banner), and will have done several online performances.

Group members are mostly from Vermont, but also include members from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and Ontario. The group is preparing videos produced by Mark Zelis to share with others during the tour in April, some of which will be premiered at the Randolph and Middlebury performances.

Here is a video the group prepared for last year’s virtual tour:
The group is managed by Mark Sustic, founder and executive director of Young Tradition Vermont.  The program is coordinated by artist leaders Oliver Scanlon, Fern Tamagini-O’Donnell and Hilary Menegaz Weitzner.

For more info about the 3/6/21 performance from Randolph contact 802-728-9878 or

For more info about the 4/3/21 performance from Middlebury contact 802-382-9222 or

For more information about the Touring Group or Young Tradition Vermont in general visit the web page at or on Facebook