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Breton Dance with Danse Cafe

14 September 2019
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Charlotte Grange #398

Traditional Dance Music from Central France & Brittany with MA- based band “Danse Cafe”. Join us for a fun informal evening learning about the traditional music of Western France. No experience needed – all dances will be taught, or simply come enjoy the music.

DANSE CAFE – Danse Café plays traditional dance music from France and Brittany, including lively tunes for Breton line dances such as the an dro, hanter dro, gavotte, and rond, energetic bourrées and scottishes from the Auvergne, slinky mazurkas from the Occitanie, and French circle dances and waltzes, both 3 and 5 beat.

Cynthia Thomas, Doug Feeney, Peter Stolley, Thomas Gajewski

$10 donation

There will be a pre-dance workshop for musicians interested in learning about the music and a tunes will be taught along with discussion on instrumentation and arrangements. 4.30-600pm

$25 Workshop and Dance combination
mjwalker@gmvt.net to reserve workshop