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Fiddleheads in Grand Isle

Thanks to all for contributing to Fiddleheads at Grand Isle State Park last night (7/19/14)…. everyone who came early for the ‘rehearsal’ and picnic…… Frank Heyburn who joined in and helped bookend the group with 2 old(er) guys…… Isaac, Ceile and Sasha who finished booting the soccer ball into the lake and other people’s picnic set ups with at least a minute to spare before the concert started….. Latimer who turned off his beeper and left the Pirates of Penzance rehearsal with a few minutes to spare….. Lexi who rounded out the majority string sound with her flute and Sebastian continued to be willing to give everything a try, at least once…… Addison, Ceile, Sasha and Latimer who played solos during the concert.


Eric George with Addie Hebert and Chinese Teens

Partnership between YTV and the Fairfax Recreation Department made for a beautiful evening of music and community…..  Eric and Addie arrived directly from a field trip to Kentucky just before this got underway and 30 Chinese Cultural Exchange students joined in for This Land Is Your Land (This World is Your World?) and some opening songs.  Thanks to everyone involved and for a beautiful night to be outdoors for a concert.  Looking forward to more cultural activities at what has been called the Baptist Building since the mid-1800s.


Trad Camp Open House and Reunion


July 25, 2014 – Young Tradition Vermont (YTV) presents a Trad Camp Open House and Reunion! Please come to this FREE opportunity to experience the YTV community and learn more about our programs, especially Trad Camp. If you’ve ever been to Trad Camp or ever wanted to go, or wondered what YTV is all about, join us for songs, dances, food, community and crankies. If you have not experienced a ‘crankie show’….. here’s your chance to see and hear how much fun they are to create and present.


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This is your gateway to folk, traditional and roots music and dance events in Burlington and surrounding communities. Click the calendar icon for a complete listing.


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Every year hundreds of artists appear at Young Tradition Vermont events.  We’ve started to ask them why young folks should be interested in traditional music and dance. This month Canadian fiddler, step-dancer and singer-songwriter April Verch talks about the value of traditional dance and music.


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