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Trad Camp is Here!
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Benedict, Abigail, Sophia, Brian and Mark worked this afternoon (Sunday) setting up Lake Champlain Waldorf High School for Trad Camp, with doors opening at 8am in the morning.  We all agreed they we are as ready as we can get.  We’ve tried to anticipate as much as possible, fully aware of inevitable, unanticipated glitches that may surface.

We’ve got a lot to do and to say in the morning, with no time to spare, so if you’re coming, please be there ready to go at 9am.  Route 7 through South Burlington and Shelburne can get very congested in the morning and in the afternoon, so give yourself a little extra time if you’re traveling that path.

Please use the roundabout at the front door at the school for dropping off and picking up only, and please don’t park your car there, even temporarily.

If the forecast is correct, it’s going to be warm and getting warm all week, so please prepare accordingly and plan on drinking plenty of fluids. The air-conditioning system will definitely not be fixed in time for camp this week.

Keep your mind and your heart is open.  We promise plenty of nourishment for both this week!

Our Busiest Week of the Year
trad camp

If you’re around any part of this coming week (July 27th through July 31st, extending into August 1st), and aren’t already involved in Trad Camp in some way, please stop in if you can. 60 campers. Over a dozen instructors and guests. Beautiful school (though the air conditioning just broke….. oh well!). Free 30-minute public concerts every day at about 12:30pm. Evening/late afternoon activities every day (some in other locations), and more on Saturday at Fools Fest and the Burlington Violin Shop. More info about all that on the web site here.

You’re going to love it!



YTV Essay by Ella Staats

Ella Staats

Trad Camp provides countless opportunities for young musicians of all ages and abilities. I attend Trad Camp knowing that it’s a place where everyone is accepted, and where I will always be exposed to new tunes, dances, and songs. I love that Trad Camp is inclusive of everyone; if you are a ten-year-old who has just picked up a fiddle, you will have the same rewarding experience as a fifteen-year-old who has played the banjo for years. All instruments, experience levels, ages, and interests are welcomed.

Trad Camp doesn’t just build on preexisting skills; it also exposes students to new experiences. In addition to learning new tunes, there are classes where campers learn traditional songs and dances, and even how to play new instruments. One of my favorite parts about Trad Camp is the Instrument Petting Zoo, where students can try out any instrument you could imagine. The Petting Zoo is actually what introduced me to the ukulele, which is now my primary instrument.

The overall atmosphere of the camp is fun, inviting, and friendly. Year after year, I love seeing the same familiar faces, as well as meeting new people and forming new friendships. Everyone at Trad Camp is connected by their love of music and their willingness to learn and have fun. When I think back to years past, I remember jam sessions, engaging guests and performances, and writing and learning new songs with new friends. Trad Camp is an experience that anyone can enjoy.

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This is your gateway to folk, traditional and roots music and dance events in Burlington and surrounding communities. Click the calendar icon for a complete listing.


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Sessions & Jams

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7/27/15 Village Harmony Concert

7:30pm at the Lake Champlain Waldorf High School on Bostwick Road in Shelburne.  Donations requested.  Reservations at  Sample video from earlier in the summer here…..

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